Supporting Women Through Life’s Transitions

Guiding You Through Motherhood, Menopause, Relocation, and Mental Health Challenges

Compassionate Therapy for Women Facing Life-Altering Changes and Mental Health Concerns


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“Navigating the post-partum period was overwhelming until I found [Your Name]. Her empathetic and professional approach made all the difference. I felt understood and supported every step of the way.” – J L.

Why My Experience is Essential for Supporting Women Through Life’s Transitions

Extensive Expertise in Women’s Health

With over 20 years of specialized experience in supporting women through significant life transitions, I have developed a deep understanding of the unique challenges that women face during these critical periods. As the founder of global women’s yoga and wellness collective, YogaBellies, I have trained hundreds of teachers in how to support women through the key life stages. I have written 10 books in women’s health, focusing on these transitions.

Whether you’re stepping into motherhood, navigating menopause, or dealing with relocation, my comprehensive knowledge equips me to provide the best possible care tailored to your needs.

Proven Track Record in Mental Health

My extensive background in treating mental health concerns like anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and low self-esteem ensures that you receive well-rounded support. Utilizing evidence-based therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), I help you develop effective coping strategies that promote long-term emotional well-being.

Empathetic and Client-Centered Approach

I pride myself on an empathetic and client-centered approach, making sure you feel understood and supported throughout your journey. My experience has taught me the importance of creating a safe, non-judgmental space where you can explore your feelings and work through challenges at your own pace.

Personalized and Holistic Care

Every woman’s experience with life transitions is unique, and my extensive experience allows me to offer personalized care that addresses your specific situation. From practical advice on managing daily stresses to mindfulness practices for emotional balance, my holistic approach ensures comprehensive support.


“Navigating menopause was truly overwhelming until I found Cheryl. Her experience and kind, empathetic approach made all the difference. I felt understood and supported every step of the way. I started to see myself as a person again” – L. R.

Things You Can Expect as a Result of Therapy

  • Improved emotional regulation, better stress management and regulated sleep
  • Life stage and hormonal balance education: Understanding what’s happening in your body and how this affects you physically and mentally and what you can do 
  • Enhanced ability to cope with life transitions
  • Better relationships with your family and partner and enhanced communication skills
  • Increased self-awareness, confidence and zest for life
  • Successful identification and achievement of your personal and professional goals

“Cheryl’s belief in me got me through my divorce. No matter what I did she was always there, listening and never judging. I don’t think I would have got through it without her.” – L.H.K.

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