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Whatever stage of life you’re in, as women we experience unique challenges. We feel vulnerable, nervous, and sometimes even uneasy—about the journey ahead of us.

Luckily there is support at your fingertips. As someone that’s taught, counseled and trained women in mindset, yoga and health for over 15 years, I can help. During life transitions, you want to choose someone you can trust and who makes you feel at ease.

Hi, I'm Cheryl

I’ve been working with women through every life stage for the past 15 years, using a combination of evidence-based therapies including Yoga, Hypnosis, Mindfulness and Feminine Psychology.
I’m the creator of the global female yoga collective, YogaBellies and author of the best-selling book Birth ROCKS (and the birth preparation method of the same name.) I’m also a Counselor and Transformologist, working exclusively with women throughout life. I’ve been featured in all of the publications and TV shows you’ll see on this site and I’ve worked with several celebrity clients.
No matter your background, I am here to support you.


Based in Singapore and available worldwide online, Cheryl offers limited one-to-one sessions in the following areas.

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“My partner and I need support during my pregnancy and labor process. I am so grateful for Marlena as she walked us through every step of the way.”

Kendra Erickson