Creatrix® Transformology®

CREATRIX® is a breakthrough process and methodology that produces fast, thorough, and long-term mental, psychological, emotional, and often even physical results in women. This can be achieved in as little as a single session. Please note that not everyone is immediately suitable for Creatrix and you may be recommended an alternative therapy initially.

This female-focused modality takes into consideration female biology, spirituality, hormonal, psychological and spiritual elements. The Creatrix® programme was developed in line with how we as women naturally function. The understanding of how women access the maternal and creator elements of consciousness has not previously been hypothesized, making this modality fast, effective and permanent.

The majority of modalities were created with the male psyche in mind. Science, personal development, psychology and even NLP, TimeLine and EFT are all based on mens’ perspectives on how the brain consciously and unconsciously works. Creatrix® on the other hand, is based on what they missed: The importance of female hormonal and emotional connection entwined with their inherent, natural physiological and psychological characteristics.immediately


• Works fast. We’ve seen chronic anxiety reduced from 10/10 to 0/10 in under an hour using our method.
• Gone for good. It creates an immediate release with long-lasting, permanent results.
• Wholistic. This process affects every aspect of you and improves every area of your life.
• Evidence-Based. Based on the Science of Epigenetics, this modality addresses entire genetic history and breaks the Genetic cycle. Our process works because it has been researched and proven. It’s the future of personal development for women
• Organic. No medication or remedies recommended. It’s a safe, closed-eye process based where you get the learnings you need to release the past negative emotions from our body, which entirely breaks the cycle for good.

How Is Creatrix® Different?

It fast-tracks your journey, saving you decades of suffering and wasted money thrown at short-term solutions designed by men for men. It works, it lasts, and the results keep improving over time.

Creatrix® creates a direct line to your innate feminine wisdom enabling you to unlearn negative thought patterns and emotions that have become deeply rooted in your mind & body, that are controlling your perceptions, actions, reactions and automatic behaviors.

The results speak for themselves. After experiencing Creatrix®, your issues will cease to have any impact on you. You will literally be free to live life the way you want to. The Creatrix® process is so thorough that it changes your beliefs, thoughts, values, feelings & behaviors all at once & instantly increases your emotional intelligence.
It is changing the face of personal development and it is the most promising modality of female psychology. It allows women to break free from issues that have been holding them back from being the best version of themselves in their lives, relationships and business.

Is Creatrix Right For Me?

  • You’ve been on a personal growth path for quite some time, have self-care tools in your ‘toolkit’, but still give your power away and don’t like yourself. You are totally ‘over it, want to let go of all your painful ‘baggage’ and transform yourself and your relationships now.
  • You’re 100% committed to doing whatever it takes to change yourself and your life, even if it feels scary and you’re not sure you can face your pain.
  • You’re ready and willing to stop all blame and victimhood, be humble and honest with yourself and take practical action to change your life.
  • You see the long-term value in investing in your own happiness and freedom.
  • You’re open-minded and willing to put your skeptical, rational mind aside in order to embrace this profound, soulful process.

How Does Creatrix® Work?

Creatrix® works with your unconscious thoughts – it’s those thoughts you aren’t even aware of that are making you feel ‘stuck’ and getting in the way of you achieving what you want in life.

In a very simple, closed-eye process, delivered 1:1 in person or online. The issues trapped in your body or mind, will rapidly dissipate and stay resolved. You will embody an enlightened perspective on the issue that was holding you back in order to help you manage and progress your life.

During the session you will:
  • Re-Lease your emotional and limiting beliefs
  • Re-Learn the lessons, tools and strategies to help you move forward
  • Re-Code or delete any negative patterns
  • Re-Frame your entire perspective
  • Re-Create the life you want