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Empowering Transformation with Creatrix Transformology®

Therapy with Cheryl isn’t just about healing; it’s about transformation. It’s about guiding women towards harnessing their full potential. One of the most potent tools I utilise in this transformative journey is Creatrix Transformology® – a groundbreaking methodology designed explicitly for women that swiftly, thoroughly, and permanently addresses mental, emotional, and even physical blocks.

Creatrix Transformology® operates on a level beyond standard therapy, delivering profound, long-lasting results often within a single session. However, please note that not everyone is immediately suitable for Creatrix®. Depending on your unique situation, I may recommend an alternative therapy initially.

Why Creatrix® is Unique?

Creatrix® is a female-focused methodology, designed with an understanding of the unique biology, spirituality, hormonal balance, psychological makeup, and spiritual elements of women. This pioneering approach embraces our innate maternal and creator elements of consciousness, allowing for transformative healing that’s fast, effective, and lasting.

While most therapeutic modalities have been shaped from a male perspective, Creatrix® fills a vital gap. It takes into account the essential role of women’s hormonal and emotional connections, as well as our inherent physiological and psychological characteristics.

Benefits of Creatrix:

  • Speedy Results: Creatrix® works fast. Chronic anxiety, for example, can go from 10/10 to 0/10 in under an hour using our method.
  • Permanent Healing: It creates an immediate release with enduring, long-lasting results.
  • Holistic Approach: This process impacts every facet of your life, fostering improvements in all areas.
  • Evidence-Based: Grounded in the Science of Epigenetics, Creatrix® addresses your entire genetic history and disrupts the genetic cycle. It’s the future of personal development for women.
  • Organic: No medication or remedies are needed. It’s a safe, closed-eye process, guiding you towards the learnings necessary to release past negative emotions from your body, effectively breaking the cycle for good.

How Is Creatrix® Different?

Creatrix® fast-tracks your journey towards healing, saving you from years of distress and financial investments in short-term solutions tailored for men. It’s effective, enduring, and the positive results continue to unfold over time.

Creatrix® facilitates a direct connection to your inherent feminine wisdom. It empowers you to unlearn and release negative thought patterns and emotions that have become deeply entrenched in your mind and body, influencing your perceptions, actions, reactions, and automatic behaviours.

Upon experiencing Creatrix®, your issues will no longer hold power over you. You’ll be free to live life on your own terms. The Creatrix® process is so comprehensive that it simultaneously changes your beliefs, thoughts, values, feelings, and behaviours, and instantly boosts your emotional intelligence.

Creatrix Transformology® is changing the face of personal development, standing as the most promising modality in female psychology today. It enables women to break away from the issues hindering them from being the best version of themselves in all aspects of their lives—from personal relationships to business endeavours. This is the beauty of transformative therapy: It’s about embracing your journey and becoming the best version of you. 

Is Creatrix® Your Path to Transformation?

  • You’ve tread the path of personal growth for some time now, armed with a toolkit of self-care strategies. However, you find yourself still surrendering your power and harbouring self-doubt.
  • You’re entirely ‘over it,’ yearning to relinquish your burdensome baggage and initiate transformation in your life and relationships now.
  • You’re resolutely committed to self-improvement and transforming your life, despite the fear of confronting your pain.
  • You’re ready and open to relinquishing any semblance of blame or victimhood. Instead, you’re willing to embody humility, honesty with yourself, and are eager to take practical action to instigate changes in your life.
  • You recognise the value of investing in your happiness and liberation, understanding that the long-term gains far outweigh the immediate commitment. You’re open-minded, ready to momentarily set aside your rational scepticism to embrace this deeply profound, soulful process.

If this resonates, it sounds like Creatrix® could be your next step on this transformative journey. It’s more than just a process; it’s an invitation to transformation, an opportunity to rekindle your inner light and reclaim your power. So, are you ready to step into the future you deserve? Let’s begin your transformation with Creatrix® today.

The Power of Creatrix®: How Does it Function?

At the heart of Creatrix® lies the interaction with your unconscious thoughts – the silent whispers you may not be aware of, yet often hold the power to keep you feeling ‘stuck’ and obstruct your life’s aspirations.

In a serene, closed-eye process, delivered one-on-one, either in-person or online, Creatrix® helps to swiftly alleviate the issues deeply entrenched within your psyche and body, ensuring they remain resolved. This transformative approach propels you towards an enlightened understanding of the constraints that were previously hindering your progression, equipping you with the power to manage and advance your life. Quickly, safely and permanently.

In the course of a Creatrix® session, you will experience the following transformative stages:

Re-Lease: You will liberate the emotional burdens and self-limiting beliefs that have kept you captive.

Re-Learn: We will identify and assimilate the lessons, tools, and strategies that will aid your forward momentum.

Re-Code: Any negative patterns that have been woven into your thoughts will be removed or reformulated.

Re-Frame: You will look at your life through a completely new lens, seeing everything from an entirely fresh perspective.

Re-Create: With the newfound clarity and strength, you’ll be equipped to sculpt the life you’ve always desired.


In essence, Creatrix® helps you unleash your innate ability to evolve and transform, guiding you on a journey towards self-discovery, empowerment, and fulfilment. With every session, you’re one step closer to creating the life you want.