Welcome to your Adult ADHD Self-Assessment Quiz for Women

This quiz is designed to help women make an initial determination about whether they might have symptoms of Adult ADHD. Please remember, this is not a diagnostic tool, and it's important to consult with a healthcare professional for a comprehensive evaluation at womenscounsellor.com


How often do you struggle to sustain your attention while doing tasks for work, household chores, or leisure activities?

How often are you easily distracted by your surroundings or unrelated thoughts, such as thinking about what to cook for dinner while at work?

How often do you find it difficult to listen to others, even when they are speaking directly to you, like during meetings or conversations with family?

How often do you avoid or feel reluctant to engage in tasks that require prolonged mental effort, such as preparing reports or helping children with homework?

How often do you start tasks but quickly lose focus and get sidetracked, leaving things unfinished (e.g., housework, work projects)?

How often do you have difficulty organizing tasks and activities, such as planning family schedules or managing work deadlines?

How often do you lose items necessary for your tasks or activities, like keys, your phone, or important paperwork?

How often do you find yourself fidgeting with or tapping your hands or feet, or feeling restless during meetings or while sitting for long periods?

How often do you feel restless or struggle to stay still for long periods, such as during social gatherings or family dinners?

How often do you interrupt or intrude on others, such as jumping into conversations or taking over tasks before others finish them?

If you suspect that you had ADHD, you can book a free block identication call to find out more about ADHD assessment and management through therapy.


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